Air Force Village West
Transportation Department
17050 Arnold Drive
Riverside, Ca 92518

(951) 697-2060

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MS. Nekennalon Simpson
Nikki comes to us from Metro Trans/R.T.A with Previous commercial driving experience.  Nikki is getting to know the schedules and is very courteous. Residents have welcomed her with opened arms.  

                            Your boss & Co-Workers                                                   all welcome you to our                              Team of Drivers!

The Transportation Staff performs monthly safety inservice's as an added measure on safety within our department.  Check out the monthly topics in our online Safety Series:  Click onto the links below for more information!
Inservice by: GB
Seatbelt Safety  Video  

"Embrace Life"
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Inservice by: RB
Workplace Cleanliness

"MSRA & Work Place Cleanliness"
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Inservice by: DB
Click it or Ticket! Video

         "Click it or Ticket!"
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        It is indeed a pleasure to "WELCOME" you to Air Force Village West Transportation Department . . . Our  "TEAM" of drivers are committed to       "THE DRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE "whereby our performance is contributed to SAFE, RELIABLE, and COURTEOUS transportation to all residents of Air Force Village West.

      We will be happy to assist you for your Transportation needs, whether it be to transport you to a scheduled doctor appointment, to local area shopping centers for your grocery needs, or if you are thinking of going on a trip and need transportation to the Ontario Airport, park your car and leave the driving to us! Also, if you need trip directions or Book an Airline Reservation we can provide that service to you as well. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you. If you need to schedule transportation you may call the Transportation Department to book a reservation.

       Please feel free to contact the Transportation Department at (951) 697-2060 or (951) 697-2075 should you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to providing you with safe, courteous, and efficient service.


Deborah O. Barcous
Transportation Supervisor
Inservice by: JG

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Getting to Know . . .Team Member . . .Joey Gomez

I have worked here at the village for a little over 3 years, and I love it!  The residents are friendly and respectful, and my co-workers and supervisors are professional, sincere and have made me feel accepted since the beginning.  I'm married with two children.  I have worked in the transportation field for over 11 years now and loving it.  My goal is to progress and grow in my personal and professional life while here at the great Air Force Village West!.

                      Keep up the great work Joey                        We truly appreciate you!
Joey Gomez
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